An Automation Definition is a simple shell workflow, or blueprint, that can be reused to create one or more Automation Campaigns.  A Definition allows you to connect the Actions in order without the need to specify the exact Template, List Definition, or Campaign to use in each action.  Once you create a Campaign from the Definition, you must edit the Campaign and set all the specifics before you can Activate the Campaign.

Accessing Automation Definitions

Automation Definitions are accessed from the Marketing Automation menu.  Go to MARKETING AUTOMATION > AUTOMATION DEFINITIONS to open the Automation Definitions Library page. The Library shows all existing Automation Definitions.  It is the starting point to create a new Definition, to copy or edit existing Definitions, and to share a Definition with another realm on the system. 

The details displayed for each Definition include:



Title of the Automation Definition.  This is different from the Name, which is used in the API commands.  Click the Title to access the Definition properties and edit the workflow.

Created Date

Date the Definition was originally saved.

Created By

Name of user who created the Definition.

Modified Date

Date the Definition was last edited and saved.

Modified By

Name of user who last edited the Definition.


Click COPY to create an exact copy with a new Title and Name. Click DELETE to delete a Definition.  Click PUSH TO REALM to share a Definition with another realm.

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