Marketing Automation allows you to define multi-step campaigns to maintain contact with your contacts by sending timed, directed messages and offers.

Accessing Automation Campaigns

Automation Campaigns are accessed from the Marketing Automation menu.  Go to MARKETING AUTOMAITON > AUTOMATION CAMPAIGNS to open the Automation Campaigns Library page. The Library shows all existing Automation Campaigns.  It is the starting point to create a new Campaign, and to copy or edit existing Campaigns. 

The details displayed for each Campaign include:



Status of the Campaign: Active and sending or Inactive and waiting.


Title of the Automation Campaign.  This is different from the Name, which is used in the API commands.  Click the Title to access the Campaign properties and edit the workflow.

Created Date

Date the Campaign was originally saved.

Created By

Name of user who created the Campaign.

Modified Date

Date the Campaign was last edited and saved.

Modified By

Name of user who last edited the Campaign.


Click COPY to create an exact copy with a new Title and Name. Click DELETE to delete a Campaign.  Click ARCHIVE to move an inactive and unused Campaign into the archived folders.

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