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The Send Alert action allows you to send a notification to a specific email recipient.  This notification may contain any Subject and plain text Body you wish to define.  It is useful to help you keep track of actions as they occur in your Automation Campaign.  For example, you may wish to send an alert just before a batch of Contacts is Moved to a new Automation Campaign or reaches the End of a workflow branch.

Clicking the Action in the workspace opens the Send Alert popup.  Three options must be set for each Send Alert action:

  • Email Alert to: Required text box validated for string formatted as email address, ie:
  • Subject Line: Required text box to define the Subject Line of the email message. 
  • Email Alert Body Text: Require text area to define the plain text content of the email message.

 To Send an Alert to a Recipient

  1. Drag the Send Alert action to the workspace.
  2. Click the action to display the Send Alert popup.
  3. Enter a recipient in the field Email Alert To in the format:
  4. Enter the Subject Line for the message to send.
  5. Enter plain text Email Alert Body Text to send.
  6. Click SAVE to save the action settings.  Click CANCEL to close the popup without saving the changes.

The saved Send Alert action will appear in the workspace with the Recipient's Email Address and the Subject Line of the email message displayed in the action details.


If the Send Alert action options have not been defined, it will appear in the workspace with a red border.

Attempts to save the Automation Campaign with an incorrectly defined action will result in an error, such as:

  • Send Alert action requires an email address in the "Email Alert To" field.
  • Send Alert action contains an improperly formatted email address in the "Email Alert To" field.
  • Send Alert action requires a string in the "Subject Line" field.
  • Send Alert action contains invalid or blank content in the "Email Alert Body Text" field.


  • An Alert email is sent for every batch of Contacts that moves through the Action.  If your Automation Campaign is set up to allow individual Contacts to move through branches, you may not want to use the Send Alert, as you will receive an alert for every Contact that passes through that point of the Automation Campaign.



One input point from any other Action type.


Send an email notification to the defined Email Address.


One output point to any other Action type.

NOTE: Your display may appear slightly different in version 10.13.0 and newer.  These display changes do not affect the functionality of the feature. 
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