Wait Until Action

The Wait Until action allows you to pause Contacts in the workflow until a certain Date and Time has passed.  For example, you may wish to send a Black Friday preview message, then wait until Midnight on the day after Thanksgiving to send a follow up.

Clicking the Action in the workspace opens the Wait Until popup. Two options must be set for each Wait Until action:

  • Date: Required date selector field. Click the field to view the calendar selector.  Use the left and right arrows to change to the previous or next month.  Click a specific date to select it.  
  • Time: Required time selector field.  The Hour, Minute, and Meridiem are each set separately.  Click the time field to set the hour and minute by typing the characters.  Select the Meridiem of AM, PM, or 24 hour.

To Wait Until Date/Time

  1. Drag the Wait Until action to the workspace.
  2. Click the action to display the Wait Until popup.
  3. Enter a Date.  
  4. Enter the Time.
  5. Select the Meridiem
  6. Click SAVE to save the action settings.  Click CANCEL to close the popup without saving the changes.

The saved Wait Until action will appear in the workspace with the Date and 24-hour formatted Time displayed in the action details.


If the Wait Until action options have not been defined, it will appear in the workspace with a red border.

Attempts to save the Automation Campaign with an incorrectly defined action will result in an error, such as:

  • Wait Until action requires Date and Time.


  • The Date and Time cannot be in the past.
  • If you change the Date and Time after the Automation Campaign has already been running, it will not affect Contacts currently waiting, only Contacts that enter the action after the Automation Campaign is reactivated.
  • Deactivating a campaign does not pause the timing of the Wait action, but may throw off the timing of the campaign.  

    For example, when a contact reaches a Wait Until action, the action indicates the contact will move to the following action a a specific time (e.g. 8-19-2016 at 1 PM). If the campaign is deactivated after the contact hits the Wait Until, and then reactivated after the anticipated timestamp, the contact immediately moves to the next action.



One input point from any other Action type.


Hold Contacts in place until the specified date and time has passed, then release batch to next Action.


One output point to any other Action type.

NOTE: Your display may appear slightly different in version 10.13.0 and newer.  These display changes do not affect the functionality of the feature.
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