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Even if you do not have access to make changes to your realm settings, you can check the settings for your Realm.

To view the Realm Overview


The About Realm page displays the following information about your Realm.

  • Realm Description: Basic Realm Settings
    • Realm Name: Name of the Realm followed by the Realm ID
    • Description: Short description of the Realm
    • Realm ID: Special identifier for realm management
    • Parent Realm: Name of the Parent Realm followed by the Parent Realm ID
    • Realm Colors: Default colors for the Layout Palette displayed in Creative Library Layout Editor color picker.
  • Realm Configuration: Advanced Realm Settings
    • Analytics Integration: Indicates if Google or Omniture Analytics is enabled and, after v11.2, if integrated
    • API Integration: Indicates if the API use is enabled
    • Deliverability: Indicates if Deliverabilty reporting is Enabled and the number of available reports
    • Demo status: Indicates if the Realm is for Demo purposes only
    • Event Synchronization: Indicates if Event Macros can be used
    • Opt-outs Always Global: Indicates if an unsubscribe request is always considered Global Opt-Outs
    • Profile Update Confirmation: Indicates if a user must confirm a profile change
    • Social Media Integration: Indicates if Social Media links will be specially tracked
    • Campaign Throttling: Indicates if throttling can be set on a per campaign basis
    • Realm Throttling: Indicates if throttling will be used for all campaigns and the default rate
    • Virtual MTAs: Lists the VMTAs for Marketing Publishing, with the default VMTA displayed first.  Transactional VMTAs are not currently displayed *(added in v14.14.0).
    • File Upload Size Limit: Limit to files uploaded to Media or File Manager.  Default is 1000000000 bytes (1 GB) *(added in v12.18.0)
    • Security Policies: Indicates any special security settings
  • Realm Activity: The number of items in the realm and the activity for the past two months.
    • Counts: The number of Lists, Templates, Articles, Polls, Custom Fields
    • Contact Counts: The number of Unique Contacts (currently subscribed to at least one List), Total Contacts in all Lists, and Pending confirmations
    • Activity: The number of Campaigns, Messages Sent, and Transactional API Messages Sent for the current month and previous month
  • Password Policies Information: Requirements for password security in the realm
  • User IP Policies Information: Requirements for user login security based on user IP
  • Site Version: Version number and revision of the installed platform build
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