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Even if you do not have access to make changes to your realm settings, you can check the settings for your Realm.  To view the Realm Overview:


The About Realm page displays the following information about your Realm.

  • Realm Description: Basic Realm Settings
    • Realm Name: Name of the Realm followed by the Realm ID
    • Description: Short description of the Realm
    • Realm ID: Special identifier for realm management
    • Parent Realm: Name of the Parent Realm followed by the Parent Realm ID
    • Realm Colors: Default colors for the Layout Palette displayed in Creative Library Layout Editor color picker.
  • Realm Configuration: Advanced Realm Settings
    • Analytics Integration: Indicates if Google or Omniture Analytics is enabled and, after v11.2, if integrated
    • API Integration: Indicates if the API use is enabled
    • Deliverability: Indicates if Deliverabilty reporting is Enabled and the number of available reports
    • Demo status: Indicates if the Realm is for Demo purposes only
    • Event Synchronization: Indicates if Event Macros can be used
    • Opt-outs Always Global: Indicates if an unsubscribe request is always considered Global Opt-Outs
    • Profile Update Confirmation: Indicates if a user must confirm a profile change
    • Social Media Integration: Indicates if Social Media links will be specially tracked
    • Campaign Throttling: Indicates if throttling can be set on a per campaign basis
    • Realm Throttling: Indicates if throttling will be used for all campaigns and the default rate
    • Virtual MTAs: Lists the VMTAs for Marketing Publishing, with the default VMTA displayed first.  Transactional VMTAs are not currently displayed *(added in v14.14.0).
    • File Upload Size Limit: Limit to files uploaded to Media or File Manager.  Default is 1000000000 bytes (1 GB) *(added in v12.18.0)
    • Security Policies: Indicates any special security settings
  • Realm Activity: The number of items in the realm and the activity for the past two months.
    • Counts: The number of Lists, Templates, Articles, Polls, Custom Fields
    • Contact Counts: The number of Unique Contacts (currently subscribed to at least one List), Total Contacts in all Lists, and Pending confirmations
    • Activity: The number of Campaigns, Messages Sent, and Transactional API Messages Sent for the current month and previous month
  • Password Policies Information: Requirements for password security in the realm
  • User IP Policies Information: Requirements for user login security based on user IP
  • Site Version: Version number and revision of the installed platform build
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