Subscribe to List (Individual or Small Batch)

The Subscribe command allows you to add a Subscriber to a list and update the Subscriber's data.  This is for Single Subscribe use only.  For batches of multiple subscribers, please use the FTP Smartsubscribe method.

The Subscribe command requires the following arguments: Command, List, and Data.


The command is ‘sub', and a subscription for '' will be added to list_id='5'.

The Subscribe command expects as least one field in the Data argument.  The email address of the subscriber is always required to create a subscription record.  If the subscriber does not yet exist, a Subscriber record will be created using the email address as the primary key.  If the subscriber does exist, the Subscriber record will be updated with any data defined in the Data fields.

You can add one or many subscribers with the same subscribe command.  To add multiple subscribers, include additional subscribers separated by the carat (^) character.  Each additional subscriber must have the same number of data fields defined.


Using all commands and arguments (please note the command is wrapped for display purposes only):

cmd=sub&realm=myrealm_child&list_id=55&format=99&data=email,first,last,custom_gender ^*,Jane,Doe,female



Both above commands perform the same task.  The subscriber, ‘’, will be subscribed to list ‘55’ in the realm ‘myrealm_child’, a child of the realm defined in the header, with the option to receive MIME messages. 

If a record for the subscriber already exists, then it will not be updated.  If it does not exist, a new record will be created with the first name, ‘Jane’, last name, ‘Doe’, and custom field “gender” set to ‘female’.  Any optouts will be removed. 

Customer Key Example

Some systems have the ability to define a unique Customer Key per subscriber.  If your realm has Customer Key enabled, then you must include the customer_key in the data argument along with email.  For example:

cmd=sub&realm=myrealm_child&list_id=55&format=99&data=customer_key, email,first,last,custom_gender ^11293,,Jane,Doe,female

If the Customer Key is not included, the command will fail.


A Subscribe command will fail if an invalid list is specified or if an optout is encountered for the subscriber.  


The Subscribe command supports the following arguments:







Defines the command to use.




Name of the realm to run the command.  This is optional and only necessary when submitting files to a parent realm to manipulate data for a child realm.


List ID


Identifier of the list to apply the command.  If you are using one file to perform the same command for several lists, group the command lines in your file by Command and List.  This will improve processing efficiency.

Alternately, define the list in the header instead of per command. 



The subscriber's preferred format of the email message content to send.

Plain Text = 1 HTML = 2 Multipart MIME = 99





Data Yes Subscriber related data.  Email is always required, and additional fields are optional.



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