Version 8.15


Version 8.15 was released September 5, 2013.

Features and Enhancements

v8.15 corrects an issue in Display Message and Display Mobile that only occured when a Fillin Field is used for the List From Address, as well as an issue in Schedule Event Report using the 'Events in X Hours' option. 

Two new small features have been added to the HTTP API Subscribe command and the Schedule Campaign Report.

Ignore Subscription Confirmation

Lists include an option to require a subscriber to Confirm a subscription request through Subscription forms, Subscribe Links, and API calls.  If this option is enabled, the API subscribe command will not add the subscription until after the subscriber clicks a link to confirm they wish to be added to the List. 

To ignore the requirement when using the HTTP API Subscribe command, set the override_confirmation argument to '1'.  The subscription will be created and the confirmation email will not be sent to the subscriber.

Include Campaign Alias in Campaign Report

When you deploy a campaign you have the option of giving the campaign an alternate name, or Alias.  The Alias is useful for distinguishing between campaigns that look similar because they use the same List, Template, and/or Segment.

To include the Alias in Campaign Reports, select the new 'Campaign Name' option from the Optional Fields section on the final page of the Campaign Report Wizard or Schedule Campaign Report Wizard.

Release Dates and Change List

8.15.0 - 09/05/2013:

  • Display Message and Display Mobile: Error if fillin field used for From address
  • HTTP API: subscribe command override List confirmation requirement
  • A/B Testing: Add logging to abreferee.log & servlet.log and columns to store approval info in ab_result_sample table
  • Scheduled Event Report: error when using "Events in x Hours" option
  • Schedule Campaign Report: new option to include Campaign Name (Alias)
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