Version 8.18


Version 8.18 was released October 16, 2013.

Features and Enhancements

v8.18 consists of simple changes in the menus and user interface.  These changes include improvements to several menu options, grammar error corrections in various pages, and user interface improvements in some pages. 

Additionally, a new feature has been added to the FTP, XML, and HTTP APIs which allows you to Subscribe an email and Send a one-off message in a single command.  The new Subscribe and Send commands have been documented as follows:

Release Dates and Change List

8.18.0 - 10/16/2013:

  • HTTP API: send returns ERROR instead of FAILURE if email is opted out.
  • View: Include ID column
  • Help: Unable to locate help file on Bounce Stats page
  • Site Guide: remove link to Simple Segmentation rules from the Site Guide
  • Subscription Form Wizard: Email field is listed twice in Unsubscribe form code
  • Grammatical Error: Setup API
  • Menus: Add menu option for FTP Manager for reporting
  • Batch Subscribe: Error uses "optout" instead of "opt out"
  • Subscriber Details: Hyperlink Campaign ID value
  • Orphan Tool: Buttons are misaligned
  • Orphan Tool: Change 'Status' legend
  • Polls: Add warning about using polls in email
  • API ALL: rework the APISendMessageHandler
  • Realm Create: Be able to exclude certain DB Servers from the realm_edit drop downs
  • Courtesy Messages: Incorrectly logged as API calls
  • Conversion Tracking: Event Details page missing menu and formatting
  • HTTP API: add subandSEND command, add to learning center
  • FTP API: add subAndSend command, add to learning center
  • XML API: Add subandsend command, add to learning center
  • Blank Page in Trunk Test at Admin>Site Status>View Database Status
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