Version 9.1


Version 9.1 was released in February 2014.

Features and Enhancements

v9.1 continued the improvements of 9.0.


Release Dates and Change List

9.1.0 / 9.1.1 - 02/20/2014:

  • Preference Site List: remove extra space in link

  • FTP API: subandsend

    • Generate Send tracking event

    • Show appropriate failures

      • If template missing

      • If subscriber opted out / blocked

    • Show appxropriate success

  • Calendar: Filter list of scheduled tasks

  • Deploy Campaign: Allow set Campaign ID for Resend

  • Template Add Tag: Include SID in Social Links

  • Subscriber Details: Display Subscriber Name or Email


9.1.2/9.1.3 - 02/21/2014:

  • API SEND failures due to incorrect SQL code in templates
  • Standard Seg: Error on save

  • Social Providers: Unable to add Twitter as a social provider


9.1.4 - 02/26/2014:

  • Display Message: NULL error after relational publishing change

  • Display Mobile: NULL error after relational publishing change

  • Social Link: null error after relational change

  • FTAF: error after relational publishing change

  • FTP Manager: Files are not being sent out

  • FTP Manager: Test page is broken

  • Preference Sites: Test asks for customer key on non-CK realm

  • Create realm: realm not fully created

  • Copy Template: does not create rows in template_relational_tags

  • Delete Template: does not remove rows in template_relational_tags


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