Version 9.4


Version 9.4 was released in May 2014.

Features and Enhancements

v9.4 continued the improvements of 9.0 for Relational Database and the Drag and Drop Segmentation UI Beta version.


Release Dates and Change List

9.4.0 - 05/14/2014:


  • A/B Test:
    • Do not display two tasks when using workflow
    • Add APPROVER to the ab_result_sample
    • Cannot manually select a winner of an ab test
  • HTTP API: relationalsave Add error message to remind user that field names must be prefixed with table name
  • Batch Subscribe: Stops responding, no subscriptions created
  • Notifications: Add campaign ID to launch confirmation emails
  • Add/Edit Realm: Relational option textboxes missing
  • Export Relational: Do not show inactive table in the exportable tables list
  • Import Relational:
    • Task does not include table name
    • Does not import and does not return any errors
    • Add validation in import relational
    • Add additional date formats to the date format class
    • Dates do not import as expected
    • Double-Check that column length (metadata) and column length (actual) are the same
  • Relational Tables:
    • Add Column: Checkboxes reset on validation error
    • Deactivate Table:
      • Should not deactivate table if there is a FK in another table
      • Grammar Error
    • Delete Table:
      • Do not allow delete a table if there is a FK pointing to it
      • Prompt to confirm Delete from Edit Table page
    • Subscriber Table:
      • Add all the related columns to the subscriber tables
      • Do not show 'Deactivate' button for Subscriber table
      • Remove the ability to edit/add column to subscriber table
    • Add/Edit Table:
      • Do not allow reserved table names
      • Remove 'Display Name' as field for Relational Tables
      • Sharded existing SaaS realm does not reflect "subscribers" in the dropdownlist
      • The add table page should have activate/deactivate/delete buttons.
      • Add flags to the table page for employee only
      • Do not allow to change the name of active tables
      • Foreign Key list is missing options
      • Foreign Key lists the table you are editing as an option
      • If cancel add column, the table name disappears
  • Data: Storage_type is not stored as defined
  • View Tables: Remove extra buttons at bottom of page
  • Synchronize System Tables: Add option to sync existing tables
  • Segmentation:
    • Advanced Segmentation: Query with relation fields is not generated correctly
    • Add Copy option
    • Can't view "All Folders"
  • Edit Subscriber: Cannot update existing with subscriptions

Features & Improvements

  • Preference Site: Add an option to display list choices as checkboxes in Manage Preferences site
  • Rapleaf: Implement integration continued
  • Springbot: Implement integration
  • Segmentation New UI: continued improvements to Beta
    • getRealm add new API call
    • springbot_process_abandoned_cart new API call

Learning Center


9.4.1 - 05/15/2014:


  • HTTP API: createlist and excreatelist fail when identifying a default template


9.4.2 - 05/16/2014:


  • MySQL: Cannot add a new Segmentation Rule or List in a realm on a MySQL database
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