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Version 9.8 released in August 2014.

Features and Enhancements

v9.8 continued the improvements of 9.0 for the Drag and Drop Segmentation UI version, making this the current Standard Segmentation user interface for new rules.  v9.8 also includes fixes for issues in features such as Preference Sites.

The most noticeable change is that the New Standard Segmentation user interface is not the default user interface when a user chooses to create a Standard Segmentation Rule.  The Learning Center has been updated with the new steps for creating the "Old" Standard Rules. 

Release Dates and Change List

The following are the dates and changes made for this version.

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9.8.0 - 08/06/2014


  • Remove Mongo Database Allow Mongo to be disabled, and no longer store Custom Data in two locations
  • Import Speed Improvements This is related to the removal of Mongo
  • Preference Sites field values can now be cleared of data Subscriber Data fields and Custom Data Text, Large, and Unicode field values can now be cleared, or set to NULL.  However, as with the ability to clear custom values with SmartSubscribe, the Number and Float fields are changed to 0, and NULL Date values are stored as 1/1/1900. 


  • New Segmentation user interface The Beta UI has now been made the Primary for creating new Standard Segmentation Rules


  • A/B Test Definitions: Inconsistent linking to open existing definition
  • Announcements: Doesn't display in UI
  • View Details: Campaign Archive Links page needs new UI formatting
  • Import: unexpected slowness
  • Subscription Form Wizard: Hide List Definitions from List option
  • Publishing: Deploying large campaigns intermittently fails
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Errors appear in page instead of in error popup
  • Customer Key Realms:
    • Preference Sites: Test on Customer Key realm does not work
    • Publishing: Deliverability seeds do not deploy in Customer Key enabled realms
  • Relational:
    • View Tables: White screen with error in logs after click Synchronize Tables button
  • Realm Management:
    • Rapleaf should only be available for Super User and above to set
    • Realm services warning when new realm created
    • Edit Realm: Unchecking API box should disable API, not delete passwords
  • Preference Sites:
    • Define Error Page error on save
    • One-Click Subscribe Broken
    • The Modified date is changed when autosave option is unchecked
    • field value cannot be cleared
    • Hide List Definitions from List option
    • Subscribe One Click Generate Form missing javascript
    • Subscribe One Click Generate Form popup issues
    • Subscribe One Click Generate Form transparency issue
  • Segmentation New UI

    • Add Rule: Error when save "is not null" and "is null" conditions
    • Delete: Add option to delete segmentation rule from Segmentation Rule Creator Flat UI page
    • Browser/Device Clicks/Opens List ID option is static
    • Calendar control icon is partially hidden
    • Cannot distinguish between selected Date Part listbox
    • Cannot enter multiple values for the IN and NOT IN conditions
    • Close / Save Button placement
    • Date & overlaps fields
    • Date conditions with two date fields missing "AND"
    • Date field is not large enough to display full date
    • Date Operator field whitespace after down arrow
    • Date Part connector to Date Field is not aligned
    • Date Rule calendar icon color is not the same
    • Date rules do not resize width of container
    • Delete condition command does not respond to click on the x
    • Does not give an error message when no list is selected to test against
    • List to Test Against background color removal
    • Operator field whitespace after down arrow on date fields
    • Revert appears disabled
    • Save and Test Produces Error
    • Saving 'Month Of' date type clears condition
    • Scroll bar appears to go under footer (new since change scrollbar again)
    • Scrollable area does not resize with left nav bar (Remove resize)
    • System notice disappears too quickly
    • Update Scroll bar on Keyword Widget
    • Segmentation: Update split button on View Rules page
  • Mongo Removal:

    • Allow Mongo to be disabled, and no longer store Custom Data in two locations
    • Remove DB Compare Tool from Admin tools
    • Remove Mongo Manager from Admin tools
    • Enhanced NWay: Fails to create rules
    • Standard Segmentation Mongo OFF: Does not limit custom field by Field_Name_ID
    • Standard Segmentation Mongo OFF: Custom Data queries do not work if use IS/IS NOT NULL
  • List-Unsubscribe:

    • Template Tags are not converted during publishing (UPPERCASE)
    • If fields missing header, then validate and throw error

Learning Center

9.8.01 - 08/13/2014


  • A/B Tests: Winner is not determined automatically on realms using campaign summary
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