Version 10.2

Version 10.2 released in October 16, 2014.

Features and Enhancements

v10.2 continues the development of Lifecycle Campaign Management.

Release Dates and Change List

The following are the dates and changes made for this version.Edit section

10.2.0 - 10/16/2014


  • Templates: Merge Copy and Library link to just Copy
  • Lifecycle Definition: Allow to move definitions from one realm to another realm
  • Lifecycle Campaign: Add Email Tracking Name to define lists created during Lifecycle
  • Manage Seed List: Add notification that this is a system (not realm) seed list
  • UI: Update Table Sorting



  • API: Send with campaign name keeps creating new campaigns if there's already more than one
    • addtolifecyclecampaign returns XML formatted SUCCESS results
    • addtolifecyclecampaign does not batch if multiple in command
  • Subscriber Search: Delete Selected does not prompt to confirm
  • Private Label Admin: Able to see users from other customer realms
  • Standard Report Library: Opt Out Report truncates CustomerKey field
  • Event Macros: Sort order: wrong column & sorting order type
  • Import: UI issues for new Lifecycle option
  • Lifecycle Campaign:
    • Page loading from View Campaigns to LC Builder missing loading animation gears in new realms
    • First component info lost when copying from a copied campaign
    • Unknown error on Delete, Handle NPE in logs
    • Open events do not store Transaction ID
    • Change 'Return to Campaign Library' under Save
    • Add duplicate error is vague
    • Copy does not autofill name/title
    • Copy popup remembers last entry
    • Switch Version Save as Definition fails
    • Switch Version Save as Definition cannot open new Definition
    • Error about existing list on save
    • New not appearing in any dropdowns
    • Wrong Action type in the lc_action_types definition
    • Restrict access to certain permission levels
  • Impersonate Realm: Unable to impersonate to grandchild realms
  • User Permissions: Monitor cannot access VIEW CAMPAIGNS
  • Preference Site: Subscribe One Click Generate Form siteKey missing
  • View Activity: Group by Parent Realm fails if parent hasn't sent campaign in period
  • Segmentation List: Dates sort by month first
  • Segmentation Flat UI:
    • Existing operators should stay the same when nested condition is added
    • Cannot change operator for connecting duplicated condition
  • Enhanced N-Way: percent distribution is not honored
  • Advanced Segmentation:
    • Cannot save if . used in fields to get part
    • Allow 'now' for relational date comparisons
    • Fails for Relational fields with underscores in the name
  • Subscription Form Wizard: List dropdown not populating
  • Suppression List: Name sort default not listed in alphabetical order
  • Template Editor
    • Menu Shows over Overlay
    • Main Menu Not Displaying Correctly
    • HTML editor shifts to right on load
    • HTML editing area does not resize
    • HTML Editor Shows Double Scroll Bar (was HTML editor too small)
    • Buttons Blink when Clicking Category Selector
    • Beta Notification Not Displaying

Learning Center


10.2.1 - 10/24/2014


  • Templates: Fullstory code inserted when edit with WYSIWYG
  • Lifecycle Campaign: On Save in new realm, Campaign thinks there are subscribers
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