Version 10.4

Version 10.4 released in November 13, 2014.

Features and Enhancements

v10.4 continues the development of Lifecycle Campaign Management, as well as Beta Template Editor improvements.  In addition, the release contains many other bug fixes and improvements.

Release Dates and Change List

The following are the dates and changes made for this version.Edit section

10.4.0 - 11/13/2014


  • Custom Fields: Do not allow use of - in Name
  • Site Guide: Update with all current features
  • File Manager: Sort files by date
  • Template Editor BETA: make </> button more descriptive
  • Test List: Remove note about checking View Tasks


  • A/B Test Definitions: Suppression List Not Saving
  • FTP API: SmartSub Default Lifecycle Initiations should be batched
    • Send using mixedcase custom field names does not use data in api call
    • Report Unsubscribes returning Error When Using list_id Argument
  • Webservices API: send using mixedcase custom fields does not fill data
  • Articles: Select All does not select all
  • Custom Report Results: Ignores ordering of fields in query
  • Site Guide: IF statements are ignored
  • Export: slash in file name never appears in File Manager
  • Task History:
    • Submit button name extra characters
    • Blank page when try to view error file and CSRF enabled
    • Blank page when try to filter and CSRF enabled
    • Report file is empty except for header row
  • Import: Smart subscribe to lists default lifecycle does not initiate lifecycle
  • Lifecycle:
    • Error linking deploy emails to deploy emails
    • Check unique name of DEPLOY EMAIL action type before creating list
    • Preemptive click registered during Lifecycle with multiple click points
    • Open/Click within timeout for Transactional Email
    • DataCheck for Dates - allow keyword for 'Today' in value field
    • Campaign: Sends multiple Alerts
    • Null pointer exception for ActiveActions moving to WaitingActions
    • List import does not initiate for new subscribers.
    • Initiations from API should be batched
    • Add Tool Tip to Open/Click Actions
    • UpdateData drop categories other than CUSTOM
    • Error when save with more than one Update action
    • Campaign defined in List not initiated for new subscriptions
    • Edit Subscription after deploy campaign not deploying campaign
    • Campaign does not deploy when starting with an edit subscription
  • Lisctrl: Multiadd causes error if no goto is defined
  • List Definition: Grammar error when creating
  • Lists: Select All does not select all
  • Preference Sites: Field insert window does not display radio buttons for the options
  • Relational Import: white screen after select a table and click next in export page.
  • Relational Tables:
    • Clicks in page do not refresh tables
    • Delete Table: Blank white page after confirm Delete
  • Segmentation: Select All does not select all
  • Segmentation Flat UI:
    • Error when nesting top condition
    • Dragged item appears under the drop spot
  • Subscriber Search:
    • Results notification mismatch with actual results
    • Search All Realms returns white screen timeout
    • Search All Realms finds no matches
    • Delete accross All Realms returns white screen timeout
  • Template Editor BETA:
    • Preview throws undefined error
    • Preview throws undefined error in UI, json error in logs
    • Advanced Options checkbox issue
    • Draggable items missing on new realm
    • Preview box formatting issues
  • Templates: Select All does not select all
  • Templates: Add Video popup is blank


  • Lifecycle Campaign: Save default notify email address

10.4.1 - 11/18/2014


  • Lifecycle: Data Set Action not setting custom fields data
  • Lifecycle: Batchgroup with no subscribers ignored using Move To Lifecycle Action

10.4.2 - 11/19/2014


  • HTTP API: Detail command does not return data if Update Date is null

  • Custom Report Wizard: Same field displayed multiple times in report wizard

  • Lifecycle Campaign:

    • Update Data Decrement missing value

    • Error in servlet.log on Activate

    • Deleting Version 1 connectors does not validate for connections on save of next version

  • Templates: Remove word 'Legacy' from Add Template button


10.4.3 - 11/21/2014


  • Segmentation Flat UI:
    • Tool tip reads 'undefined' for nested rules
    • Long field names cannot be viewed entirely
  • Import Relational: Do not require first name unless allow duplicates is selected
  • Lifecycle Campaign: Save times out if too many actions waiting

10.4.4 - 12/01/2014


  • CreateRealmDatabases: Bulk Admin Permissions are missing from DBs
  • Import Relational:
    • Make "Clear Data" option not checked by default
    • Separate queries in relational bulk insert
  • Lifecycle:
    • On Campaign Save, do not pull subscriber counts for each pending action
    • If template missing plain text, Campaign never deploys
    • Not all Campaigns appear in Move to Lifecycle listbox

10.4.5 - 12/04/2014


  • Lifecycle Definitions: Cannot reopen if saved with update data or data check types that had no information populated in them
  • HTTP API, Relational:
    • relationalsave missing UID error incomplete
    • relationalsave is case sensitive for table name
    • relationalsave does not indicate string too long
  • Preference Sites:
    • Realm option causes global optout
    • List Subscription formatting tool does not present selectable options
  • Import:
    • Admin confirmation message is missing file name
    • File Name not Displayed on List Selection Step


  • Import Relational: Send an email before processing

10.4.6 - 12/11/2014


  • Admin Tools: Services page is blank with NPE in logs
  • Lifecycle Campaign:
    • Cannot reopen if DataCheck has blank field
    • First action in 2nd campaign from a MoveToCycle not working from import
    • Error reported click check after timeout
    • Toggle between Create New & Create From Definitions will not save
  • Lifecycle: Navigation from Archived Lifecycle page does not direct to Lifecycle Campaign page

10.4.7 - 1/9/2015


  • Preference site: Does not function in cases of duplicate subscriber records
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