Version 10.7

Version 10.7 March 5, 2015

v10.7 continues improvements of Lifecycle Campaign Management and Relational Data, as well as several other bug fixes and improvements.

Release Dates and Change List

The following are the dates and changes made for this version.

10.7.0 - 3/05/2015


  • A/B Test: Completion email not sent if scheduled task created by impersonator
  • Admin Tool:  SMTP: Cannot update Server entry
  • FTP API: No custom fields are updated if a DATE/FLOAT/NUMBER field is set to NULL
    • relationalfindfields does not return all flag columns
    • relationalfindfields does not return all data with output type xml
  • XML API: subscribe to a list with default Lifecycle does not batch subscribers
  • View Scheduled Tasks: Cannot view popup info due to CSRF issue
  • Custom Fields: Capitalize "Field Name"
  • Export: Float values that are NULL in db show up in export report as '0' instead of blank
  • Lifecycle:
    • Check Data action Saves with red line if Value field is blank
    • Open or Click action proceeds subscriber for both Open AND Click
    • Definition: Copy gives error about missing Default Notify Email
    • Definition Hangs On Gear When Loading
  • Super List:
    • Do not allow Lifecycle lists
    • Do not allow selection of List Definitions
  • Preference site:
    • Does not function in cases of duplicate subscriber records first name
    • Does not function in cases of duplicate Customer Key subscriber
  • Publishing: Send a failure message if From address missing
  • Reports:
    • Calendar control doesn't display months prior to January 2014
    • Track Sends Appearance in the UI Delayed
  • Standard Segmentation:
    • Test Not Returning Results
    • Do not show 'Super' lists to test against
    • Deleted custom field causes 'oops' error
  • Template BETA Editor: Remove Beta Editor
  • Templates: can't filter on the portion of template name/subject not visible in the UI


  • Admin Tools:
    • Audit: Improve Template, Folder track delete
    • Lifecycle Actions: Default to display 25 on page load
  • Media/File Manager: Add option to Filter based on Created Date
  • Lifecycle:
    • Add wait time warnings for wait Within less than 30 minutes
    • Show lag time warnings on any deploy
    • Add Textual Overview of what will be needed
  • Lists: Use Admin email for sending campaign notifications

New Features

  • SmartGet
    • Get Part of an External Page
    • Output a Default value if page contains or does not contain specific string value



10.7.1 - 3/13/2015


  • Publishing: Speed improvements

10.7.2 - 3/13/2015


  • Subscriber Search: database timeout issue

10.7.3 - 3/14/2015


  • Webservices API: userImport exception when passed empty value
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