Version 10.8 - March 24, 2015

v10.8 continues improvements of Lifecycle Campaign Management and Relational Data, as well as several other bug fixes and improvements.

10.8.0 - 3/24/2015


  • HTTP API: Relational rdbAddField fails for inactive table
  • Webservices API: Prevent directory traversal when uploading suppression file
  • Bounce Handling:
    • Exception caught while retrieving header and body from message: 1 >= 1
    • Bounce Handling: Catch null db handle when trying to clear Bounce Counters on a realm that is gone
  • Custom Field: Shows double error if try to delete and in use
  • Page Load Errors
    • Dashboard: JQuery 404 error in Chrome
    • Cert error on page load
    • Error "Invalid value" on page load
  • Lifecycle:
    • Unsubscribe does not remove subscriber from list when used in lifecycle
    • Action Contents Overflow
    • Check Data extra columns appear on second action
    • Check Data Custom Columns do not fill sometimes
    • Check Data > <, >=, <= do not work as expected
    • Selecting Global Optout in Edit Subscription action type doesn't save
    • Exception from Send Alert action if subscriber deleted
  • Publishing: Super List Fails with Dedupe and Segmentation
  • Create Realm: Remove Remarketing option
  • Schedule Campaign: Template error message after scheduled campaign deployed
  • Scheduled Subscriber Export: column order is inconsistent
  • Security
    • Cross-Scripting Issues
    • Validation: HTML like strings in text fields should not be allowed
  • Standard Segmentation Rule: Deleted custom field causes white page error


  • HTTP API: shorten/changes the name of relational api calls
  • CampaignSummarizer: Improve processing speeds
  • Export Subscribers: Update Label on consolidate checkbox
  • Import Relational: fields mappping drop-downs should be in alphabetical order
  • Test List: Add punctuation to confirmation page
  • Segmentation: update 'relational_' to 'rdb_' in segmentation

New Features

  • HTTP API: Add ability to trigger Delivery Reports via launch command
  • HTTP API: Add ability to trigger Delivery Reports via schedule_deployment command



10.8.1 - 3/25/2015


  • FTP XML API: Looping through articles does not populate
  • Template: Preview doesn't display dynamic content
  • Realm Create: Sproc fails to install on create

10.8.2 - 3/26/2015


  • Subscriber Export: do not change updated_date on export

10.8.3 - 3/27/2015


  • Webservices API: getCampaignStats not returning expected columns
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