Version 10.9 - April 1, 2015

v10.9 continues improvements of Lifecycle Campaign Management and Relational Data, as well as several performance enhancements, other bug fixes and improvements.

10.9.0 - 4/1/2015


  • API XML: relational bulk import errors
  • Lifecycle:
    • Auto-Commit exception in deployed campaign
    • Cannot reconnect change to tracking actions
    • Check Data for float type does not display all fields
    • Re-subscribed subscriber does not receive future messages from lifecycle campaign
    • Subscriber gets initial email when unsubscribed from lifecycle campaign
    • Warn when actions of Tracking type flow into each other
  • Lists: White page displayed when attempt to open and email fields are NULL
  • Set Data Macro: Improve performance during publishing
  • Suppression: suppression with Domains fails


  • Segmentation: Remove H2 database option in order to improve performance

New Features

  • Relational: Add support for Join Table with Multi Foreign Key Flat Table in:
    • XML API relationalSave
    • Segmentation Advanced
    • Segmentation Standard
    • Template Tags
    • Import Relational Data
    • Export Relational Data
  • (Documentation forthcoming)


10.9.1 - 4/2/2015


  • Publishing: Failure when publish with Advanced Seg Rule


10.9.2 - 4/8/2015


  • Lifecycle Builder: Open and Click action not included when create new realm
  • Lifecycle Definition: Click Action causes error on Save
  • Create Realm: SQL Server incompatible definitions in logs
  • TrackingPreMover: Ignoring single digit Realms
  • Scheduled Articles: Does not create new Article
  • Deploy Campaign: Update Count button generates error when deploying campaign
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