Version 10.12 - June 04, 2015

v10.12 release includes new features, general bug fixes and improvements with background work for the new UI releasing next month, as well as continued Relational improvements in Multi-Foreign Key support.

The Lifecycle feature has been renamed to Marketing Automation.  Throughout the site and in the Documentation, the term Lifecycle now appears as Marketing Automation, or simply Automation, depending on the context.  

Another important improvement is the ability to Sync Lists created for Automation Campaigns.  A List Definition must be selected for each Deploy Email action in an Automation Campaign.  When the Campaign is saved, a new sticky List is created for each Deploy Email action based on the selected List Definition.

Prior to this release, if you made a change to a List Definition referenced in an Automation Campaign, the change would not be reflected in the the email deployments.   If you make a change to a List Definition and you want that change reflected in your Automation Campaigns, you can now Synchronize all child lists that were created for each Deploy Email action in each campaign the List Definition is defined.  See Sync Lists for more details.

10.12.0 - 6/04/2015


  • Google Analytics: Add Ability to Customize Arguments in Realm Settings
  • FTP API: Store REALM_ID with subscriber send failures in database
  • Task History: add original file name for FTP API import tasks
  • Publishing: Improve Article caching
  • Lifecycle:
    • Allow links with Subscriber_ID_tag to work
    • Change name in all pages to Marketing Automation
  • Create Realm: Enable "Retain Tracking" by default when new realm is created
  • Smartget: start_at and end_at parameters enhancement

New Features


  • Admin Tools:
        Services Status Screen: Pop up details are lost when scrolling
  • Template: Delete Template from List page records twice in creative_audit
  • List Definition: White page, CSRF error on Sync Lists
  • Subscription Form Wizard: White page, CSRF error on Unsub Link creation
  • Menu: Change Customer Community link to Zendesk
  • FTAF: Custom fields are not accepted in Custom Form message field
  • Publishing: Apostrophe in Custom From Address publishes as hyper text
    Social Provider: Throws provider_url error to logs when deploy social campaign
  • Task_Message: Relational tasks marked as FAILED do not populate task_message column
  • Task History: Event Wizard task_total_size doesn't match file size
  • Template Editor: WYSIWYG removes smart quotes (and improperly encoded characters)
  • Lifecycle Campaign: STOP links do not convert correctly on click-through
  • Lifecycle Campaign: Wait Duration ignored in Opened/Clicked stage
  • Batch Subscribe: Subscribe to a list with default Lifecycle does not batch subscribers
  • Lifecycle: Changes to the Lifecycle List Definition not honored
  • Lifecycle Campaign Type: Delete popup buttons in wrong order
  • Schedule Lifecycle Deployment: White page if Lifecycle campaign pushed from another realm
  • Preference Site: All Lists option includes List Definitions
  • Relational Data: Duplicate Subscriber Tables After Enabling Rapleaf Sync
  • Segmentation:
    • Relational - three or more separate relational tables causes NPE
    • Relational - incorrect query generated for rules that contain 2 separate blocks
    • Relational - Tables in two separate blocks generates exception
  • Subscriber Details: Date subscribed is not showing up


10.12.1 - 6/05/2015

  • Publishing: Click Through links in articles do not convert to tracked links

10.12.2/3 - 6/12/2015

  • Publishing: Unlinked URLs from articles being converted for tracking
  • Smartget: URLs on target page not being turned into tracked links

10.12.4 - 6/26/2015

  • Scheduled Articles released
  • Relational Tables: No Data Received error

10.12.5 - 7/10/2015

  • Test List: Test links no longer fail to click through
  • SmartSubscribe: Apostrophe is no longer encoded on import
  • FTP XML: Remove extra pre and post spaces in Relational imports

10.12.6 - 7/24/2015

  • Relational: Template Tags
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