Use Case - Scheduled Articles

Examples of using Scheduled Articles apply to nearly any instance content is curated day(s) in advanced:

Feature Content:

A Parent Article name might be "entertainment feature". Individual Version could be created [url for Versions] - days of the week - in advance where most marketing calendars and content are created at least a few days in advanced, sometimes weeks. Versions can the be scheduled[url to setting a schedule] for each day or week in line with your marketing calendar.


A Parent Article name might be "advertisement_weekly_newsletter". Individual version could be created for whatever length of time an individual advertisement is set to run. This could be set to align with an advertisers purchased length of time to be displayed in your mailings.

Coupons and Offers:

Where a daily deal of weekly offer may be determined weeks in advance a Parent Article might be named "offer" and each version might be named to include a date "yyyymmdd_offertypename"


Dynamic Content in Scheduled Articles:

If contact detail is leveraged to display more targeted advertisement versions can be called into a template outside of their 'active' date and the options to include if/else include article name would allow for the scheduled version to be displayed. To see[url for including templates/dynamic content].

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