Lists are collections of contacts and control the properties necessary to send an email campaign. 

Contacts are associated to a List through Subscriptions.  A Contact may be subscribed to one or more lists.  Lists allow you several options to manage your contacts.  For example, you can create two lists and associate contacts to one or both lists.  Or you can create a single list for all contacts and use Segmentation to deliver to certain groups of Contacts.

The platform supports three types of lists:

A Normal List includes the basic list properties and subscriptions. 

A Seed List has similar properties to a Normal list, but only allows a limited number of contacts (25). Seed lists are useful to add to a Campaign as test addresses. When you send a campaign, you will have an option to include a Seed List as part of the Campaign.  The Contacts on the Seed List will receive the Campaign just like regular Contacts, but you do not need to manually add the Contacts to every list.

A Super List is a collection of Normal lists.  It uses the separate List properties and subscriptions for each Normal list.  This allows you to run one large campaign to a wider audience without the necessity of deploying each List separately.

Accessing Lists

Lists are accessed from the Lists menu.  Go to LISTS > LISTS to open the Lists page.

The Lists page shows all existing Lists.  It is the starting point to create a new List, as well as to copy or edit existing Lists.  If you have assigned your Lists to Folders, you can view the lists in the folder by selecting it from the Folder dropdown.

The Lists page displays the Name, total number of Contacts, and assigned Template by default.  You can also click the Show More Detail link to see the number of Contacts by specific format.  You may sort the data in any of the columns by clicking the column header. The details displayed for each list include:


ID List ID number


Click the name of the List to access its properties.


Total number of subscriptions for the List.


Name of the default Template assigned to the List. 


Date the List was created.


Date the List was last updated.


Click the icon to display either:

List Campaigns: a page showing the last 50 Campaigns deployed from the list

Domains: a break down of the top Contact domains for the list


Click COPY to create a copy of the List and its properties.  Click DELETE to delete the list and its subscriptions.

*Prior to v12.11, Domains were accessible in the Domain column.
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