Create Seed List


Create a new List of type Seed List.

To Create a Seed List

  1. Go to Lists > Lists and click Add List.
  2. Enter a Name.
  3. From Type drop-down, select Seed.
  4. Click SAVE

After you create the new List, the Edit List page will display allowing you to define your List properties. Setting properties is only necessary if you are going to deploy campaigns to the Seed List alone.  If the Seed List will only be used in conjunction with the deployment of a Normal List, the properties from the Normal List will be used.

Contacts can be added to a Seed List using the same methods as a Normal List.

Note: The number of Contacts that can be added to a Seed List is determined on a system basis. The default is 25 contacts. On the SaaS, the limit is 255.

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