Sync Lists Created from List Defintion

Synchronize the properties of a List created from a specific List Definition.

To Synchronize Lists

  1. Go to LISTS > VIEW LIST DEFINITIONS to view the List Definitions page. 
  2. Click View Lists next to the List Definition.
  3. Select the checkbox next to each List you wish to update.
  4. Click SYNC LISTS.

The system will update the child List properties to match those of the parent List Definition.  Any campaigns currently in progress will not be affected. 

Important Note about Marketing Automation Campaigns

If you make a change to a List Definition that is used within a Marketing Automation Campaign, you must Synchronize all child lists that were created for each Deploy Email action in each campaign the List Definition is defined.

Marketing Automation Lists will appear in the Lists Using page named in the following format:

Automation_[automation campaign name]_[deploy email tracking name]_[mmddyyyy][identifier]

For instance, if your Automation Campaign is named "Welcome Series", the first Deploy Email is named "initial", and the action is created on May 5, 2015, the List may be named:

Automation_Welcome Series_initial_050520151234


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