Name & Addressing Tab

The Name & Addressing tab allows you to specify the addresses, template, and description you want associated with the list.


  • List Name: A unique text string of 75 characters or less, the name should make it easy to identify the purpose of the mailing list.  The List Name appears in Reports and Contact records to indicate subscriptions.
  • Template: An optional default template associated with the list.  You may change the template when you deploy a campaign.
  • Account Profile: The default Account Profile to use when deploying a campaign and filling the tags in your content.*
  • Labels: Custom keywords to identify and report items that have a similar use or purpose.*


  • From Address: The email address from which the message appears to be sent.  You may specify a decorative From with the email address.  The display portion must be in quotes and the email address enclosed in angle brackets.
    "My Company" <>
    This field should not be blank or contain an invalid email address, as it may cause deliverability problems. 
  • Reply-To Address: The email address to which messages are sent should your Contacts (or their mail servers) reply.  This field works exactly like the "From" address field. Since you may not wish to receive replies to  your personal inbox, you may use your bounce mailbox as the Reply To address.  For example:
    "My Company" <mybounces??EMAIL_REF??>
    Replies sent will be handled by the Bounce Mailbox, and if the reply is a normal bounce, it will be tracked.  Contact your Account Manager to make sure your Bounce Mailbox is setup to forward unknown bounces to a Customer Service mailbox so you can manage other replies. 
  • Bounce Address: The email address to which bounce messages are sent, such as out of office replies and mailbox unknown errors. Use a system provided Bounce Mailbox address to have bounces automatically processed, defined in the format:
    As of v11.7, if a Default Bounce Address has been defined in the Realm settings, the Bounce Address will automatically be set to the default.  You may change the Bounce Address at the list level at any time.
  • Admin Email: (Optional) Enter a single email address to receive notifications when Campaigns have been sent or failed.  These notifications are in addition to the normal notifications sent to the User who deployed the Campaign.  The Admin Email is also used as the default From Address for Courtesy messages, though is not used for Confirmation messages.

Additional Information

  • Description: An optional field to identify the purpose of the list. 
  • Folder: The Folder in which the List resides for sorting and storage.  This field is optional and hidden if no folders are defined.
  • Groups: The Group(s) to which the List belongs, preventing non-members from accessing or editing the list. This field is optional and hidden if no groups are defined.

*Account Profiles and Labels added in v12.02.

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