Custom Landing Page for Subscribe or Unsubscribe


How do I use a subscribe or unsubscribe landing page that is branded to look like my company instead of the default platform landing page?


To customize the landing page for Subscribe or Unsubscribe:

  1. Create an HTML page.  This page can be designed so that it includes your logo or mimics the look of your website.  Include helpful information for what the contact should do now that they have subscribed (Welcome details) or unsubscribed (link to where they can resubscribe).
  2. Host the page on an externally accessible web server, such as your company web site.
  3. Go to LISTS > VIEW LISTS.
  4. Click to select your List and open it in the Edit List page.
  5. Click the OPTIONS tab.
  6. In the Landing Pages section, enter the URL to your landing page in the appropriate text box.  The URL can be no longer than 128 characters.
  7. Click SAVE.
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