Dynamic Address with Fillin Fields

If you send a campaign using a List, the From, Reply to, and Bounce Addresses are the same for every contact and every campaign sent from the list. Fillin fields can be used to replace these addresses when the campaign runs with specific address information.

To define a Fillin Field in a List

  1. Go to LISTS > VIEW LISTS.
  2. Click ADD LIST to add a new list.
  3. Enter a Name and then click CREATE.
  4. In the List Properties, use the Fillin tag in the fields you would like to fill at run time: From address, Reply To address, and/or Bounce address.

%%fillin name=[email]&required=true%%  

where [email] is the From, Reply to, or Bounce address.

  1. Click SAVE to save the list.

When you create the campaign, you will be prompted to enter an email address for each field. To avoid forgetting to enter the address, be sure to set the 'required' attribute to 'true'.

Other Field Options

You do not need to use fillin fields for every address. Each field can have a unique name, or you can use the same fillin field for every address:

From: %%fillin name=email&required=true%%

Reply to: %%fillin name=email&required=true%%

Bounce Address: %%fillin name=bounceemail&required=true%%

You may also fillin only part of an email address, such as the mailbox, and use the same domain for every sent message:

From: %%fillin name=mailbox&

Another option is to set the Decorative portion and the Email address. This must be done using two fillin fields in the address, as you may not enter the < or > characters in the fillin fields due to security issues. The Decorative portion is supported in the From and Reply To fields only:

From: "%%fillin name=DecorativeName&required=true%%" <%%fillin name=Email&required=true%%>

In order for a campaign to deploy, a From address is always required. If the Fillin fields for the From address are not filled correctly, and the From address is either blank or poorly formatted, you will see an error in the progress bar at the end of the Deploy Campaign Wizard. The campaign will be created, but no messages will be sent. In Campaign Details, you can see the campaign with 0 pieces sent.

NOTE: Campaigns using custom or fillin fields in the From Address do not support FTAF at this time, as FTAF requires a specifically defined From Address to send a message.

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