Inactive Contacts in X months


How do I create a segmentation rule to pull only the contacts who have not opened in the last 'X' months or never opened?


Using the Advanced Segmentation Rule feature, you can create a segmentation rule to target only the contacts who opened more than X months ago or never opened.

  2. Enter a Rule Name and Description.
  3. In the Commands textbox, enter the following, then click CREATE:

((tracking_opened exists and tracking_event_date < (now - 3m))

AND (tracking_opened not exists and tracking_event_date >= (now - 3m)))

OR tracking_opened not exists

NOTE: The above example targets contacts who have not opened in the last three months.  Change the 3m values if you would like to use a different time period.  For days use 'd', for months use 'm', and for years use 'y'.

The first line of this segmentation rule pulls contacts who have an open more than 3 months ago and the second line ensures that those contacts do NOT also have a tracking event in the past three months.  The last line will pull any contacts who have no opens in the tracking table at all.

Please keep in mind that if you have Tracking Rollup enabled for your realm, any tracking events older than X number of months will be deleted.  (Where X is the number of months your realm has been set to retain tracking data.) Since there will no longer be individual tracking events for those contacts, they will fall into the "tracking_opened not exists" portion of this rule.

On the SaaS site, tracking rollup is set for 18 months.  Individual tracking data older than that is deleted and no longer available for use in segmentation rules.  If you are using a Broadcaster, your Tracking Rollup time period may be different.  Please contact your Account Manager or the Technical Support team if you have questions.

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