Create Event-Based Rule

Event-Based Segmentation Rules allow you to target Contacts from past campaigns who have performed an action on the email message, such as opens, clicks, and opt-outs. 

To add an Event-Based Segmentation Rule

  1. Go to Segmentation > Create Event Based Rule
  2. Select the options to limit the number of campaigns to include in your results;
    • Select the number of Recent Campaigns to display from the Show Me drop-down.
    • Select a Date Range.
    • Enter part of a List or Campaign Name.
  3. Click NEXT.
  4. Select the campaigns to include in the segment, then click NEXT.
  5. For each event, select the option for Did, Did Not, or Ignore
  6. From Match Contacts where, choose all or any.
    • For example, to find all contacts who opened a message for the selected Campaigns but did not click a link, select DID for Sent Email and Open Email, DID NOT for Click on a Link, then select ALL for the match type.
  7. Click NEXT.
  8. Enter a Rule Name.
  9. Select a Next radio button after creating the rule:
    • Deploy a campaign using this rule: Open the Deploy Campaign page and make selections to deploy a Campaign using the rule already selected.
    • Modify the logic of this rule: Open the rule in the Edit Advanced Segmentation Rule page, allowing you to view and customize the rule.
    • Create the rule only: Once saved, return to the list of Segmentation Rules.
  10. Click SUBMIT.

A Segmentation Rule of Advanced type will be saved.  The rule may look similar to the following:

(tracking_sent exists
and tracking_opened exists
and tracking_clicked not exists )

You can edit this rule to add additional conditions for matching Contacts or use as is.


The 'campaigns' argument in the Advanced Segmentation Rules can only appear in a query once.  While you can query for events in multiple campaigns by grouping them together, there is no option to add multiple groups of campaigns.  This is why you cannot make different groupings from the Event Based Segmentation wizard.

For example, if you wanted to find all contacts who were sent one campaign, but not sent a second campaign, the expected formatting would be:

(tracking_sent exists)
(tracking_sent not exists)

This is not supported.  Instead, you must use the Standard Segmentation to create a Rule of this type.

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