Automatic Suppression

Automatically suppress contacts from every campaign deployed in your realm.

Automatic Suppression allows you to remove contact addresses from every List when any campaign is published. This is different from the normal Suppression List option because if the Automatic Suppression List exists, it is used for every publishing event in the realm.

When you schedule a campaign in the calendar or deploy a campaign through the User Interface or APIs, email addresses that match the Automatic Suppression List are ignored and no message is sent to those contacts.  (One off API messages are not suppressed.) In addition, a normal Suppression List can also be selected when the campaign is defined.

Like normal Suppression, Automatic Suppression does not opt out the matching addresses.  The campaign completion email notification indicates the number of contacts ignored due to suppression.  One off API messages are not 

Automatic Suppression List Files

The Automatic Suppression list can be either Realm Specific, for all lists in a Realm (also known as Global), or System Wide, affecting every list in every realm on the system (also known as Universal). If both Realm and System level lists exist, both are used at the time of suppression.  System Wide suppression is only available on Broadcasters systems. 

Automatic Suppression supports the same criteria as a normal Suppression List File, but the file name must be very specific.

Realm Specific (Global) Suppression File

A Realm level list is used to prevent sending to addresses or domains and is based on your specific business needs.  Any User with permission to define a Suppression List can define a Realm Suppression List.

The file name is case sensitive and must be:


System Wide (Universal) Suppression File

The System Wide list is used to prevent sending to domains and addresses that are known to be invalid or spam traps, such as or

For broadcaster customers, the System Wide list can also be used like the Realm level list if all realms are related to the same customer.

Only a Super Admin can define a System Wide Suppression List. It must be uploaded to main realm from which the customer operates.

The file name is case sensitive and must be:



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