Export Encrypted Suppression List

Export a List of opted out contacts and encrypt the file to use for future Suppression. An MD5 encrypted text file will be stored for the new Suppression List.  The Suppression List name is appended with "(md5)".  For example:

My Encrypted (md5)

The file includes email addresses for all contacts that have been removed from the selected list due to unsubscribes, bounces, or other opt out methods. 

The resulting text file can be securely shared without concern for suppression list abuse.

To Create an Encrypted Suppression List:

  2. Select a List from Export Opt Outs for List
  3. Enter a Name.  If you wish to share this file with child realms, append "(global)" to the end of the Name.  For example:

My Encrypted (global)

  1. Enter a Description.
  2. Select the level of opt outs to include:
    • Include Global Opt Outs - contacts that have been removed from all lists in the realm
    • Include Universal Opt Outs - contacts that have been removed from all lists in the system.  This option is only available for Broadcaster users.
  3. Click EXPORT to export the list of contacts and save the Suppression List.  Click CANCEL to return to the Suppression Lists page without creating the new Suppression List.
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