RSS Feeds

RSS tags are used to output external RSS content into the main template message content.


The RSS tags define an RSS Feed to use and then pull in the specified content into the template. It can be used in Plain Text, HTML, and Mobile content as well as Articles.  A qualifier is required for some Plain Text content. The tags are formatted as follows:

%%rssfeed url=URL name=NAME%% %%rssobject NAME.TYPE ENTRY_POSITION%%

Tag Output Example

%%rssfeed url=URL name=NAME%%


%%rssfeed url=URL name=NAME allowEmptyItems=[0,1]%%

None. Set the feed from which to pull content.

Optional argument allows you to deploy the template even if the RSS is empty (allowEmptyItems=1).  By default, the message will fail if RSS is empty.**

%%rssfeed url= name=myfeed%%

%%rssfeed url= name=myfeed allowEmptyItems=1%%

%%rssobject NAME.title(.striphtml) ENTRY_POSITION%% Title of RSS feed.  Add ".striphtml" for Plain Text content. %%rssobject myfeed.title 1%% %%rssobject myfeed.title.striphtml 2%%
%%rssobject NAME.description(.striphtml) ENTRY_POSITION%% Description of RSS feed.  Add ".striphtml" for Plain Text content. %%rssobject myfeed.description 1%% %%rssobject myfeed.description.striphtml 2%%
%%rssobject NAME.content(.striphtml) ENTRY_POSITION%% Content of RSS feed.  Add ".striphtml" for Plain Text content. %%rssobject myfeed.content 1%% %%rssobject myfeed.content.striphtml 2%%
%%rssobject ENTRY_POSITION%% URL link in RSS feed. %%rssobject 1%%
%%rssobject NAME.pubdate ENTRY_POSITION%% Publishing date of RSS feed. %%rssobject myfeed.pubdate 1%%
%%rssobject NAME.mediaimage
Image from <enclosure> or <media:content> tag in the RSS feed. * %%rssobject myfeed.mediaimage 1%%

*Image support is new in v11.9.0

**Allow Empty Items support new in v13.04.00

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