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When I scan a Template, why does it return a blank page instead of Results?


This issue may occur for several reasons, many of which can be resolved by a system update to v8.2.10 and later.
  • List has Custom Field in From Address field

To workaround, temporarily enter a fully defined From Address.

  • List has no From Address

To workaround, enter a valid From Address.

  • Template has no content defined in selected Format

To workaround, define content in the Format for the Template, or select to scan an alternate format.

  • Template uses '__wcdm' class

To workaround, make a copy of the template without the '__wcdm' class and scan the copy.

  • Invalid Template Encoding

To workaround, go into the ADVANCED OPTIONS of the template and select the correct encoding to match the content of your template.

  • Missing Contact

The Analyze Content tool requires a contact record.  It should automatically create one for your Realm.  If one is not created for some reason, it will cause the page to turn completely white instead of displaying a score.

This issue can be resolved by manually creating a contact record.  To do this:

  2. Click ADD.
  3. In the Email field, enter the email address that is the same as your user login.
  4. Click SAVE.

After your contact record has been created, try the Analyze Content tool again.

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