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When using Content Analysis, the following score is returned in the 'Analysis' section.  What does it mean?

1.1 URIBL_GREY Contains an URL listed in the URIBL greylist 


This is a specific blacklist owned by URIBL that they call their "greylist".  They say the following on their website ( 
"This lists contains domains found in UBE/UCE, and possibly honour opt-out requests. It may include ESPs which allow customers to import their recipient lists and may have no control over the subscription methods. This list can and probably will cause False Positives depending on your definition of UBE/UCE. This zone rebuilds several times a day as necessary."  We have contacted URIBL to ask for the domain to be removed from their Greylist.  They said they would not remove our domain as WhatCounts is an ESP.  To avoid these Spam Assassin points, use a Base URL instead of defaulting to using the domain in your Template.  Selecting a Base URL for use in your List will help with %%UNSUB_HREF%%, %%FTAF%%, and %%DISPLAY_MSG%% links.  You many need to change the domain manually in other generated links like those for the Social Networking sites.
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