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How do I include contact data in a URL? I'm using a tag just like we would to display the data in a Template, but it's not showing up in the URL.


In order to pass contact data in a URL, use the %%STOP%% tag.  Without the %%STOP%% tag, data will not be populated in the URL because of the order of process of Templates.  URLs are changed to tracked links, and then contact data tags are populated.  Since the URL is converted first, the contact data tag is no longer visible to the system when that replacement happens. The platform converts URLs in your content to tracked URLs.  These tracked links require specific arguments and the parameters are system defined.  Because of this, you cannot use the following parameter values as a dynamic element name in your URLs after a %%STOP%% tag:

  • ctl
  • c
  • l
  • r
  • h
  • t
  • s
  • e

For example, if you have the following URL: http://$email%% When this link is converted to a tracked link, it will appear something like: http:// If you add the %%STOP%% tag to your URL: http://$email%% The tracked link will appear something like: http:// Notice there are two parameters in the new link that are defined using the 'c'.   You will be unable to use the %%STOP%% tag, because the 'c' parameter will be sent the first value, which is invalid.  

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