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Insert content from an RSS Feed into your Template or Article.


The RSS tags define an RSS Feed to use and then pull in the specified content into the template. It can be used in both Plain Text and HTML content, though a qualifier is required for some Plain Text content.

Alternately, if you know XSLT, you can use the XSLTGet feature to call in RSS content.

Feed Definition

The Feed Definition tells the publisher where the feed content is located. You may include multiple feeds in your content. Every feed must have a unique name, even when in different Templates to prevent caching issues if multiple Templates are published at the same time. The definition may be anywhere in the template, but for consistency, you may wish to define the feed at the top of the template or article for easy location and editing. The Feed Definition will not appear in your sent content.

A feed is defined in the following format:

%%rssfeed url=[URL] name=[NAME]%%

Where [URL] is the URL pointing to the rss feed or xml feed and [NAME] is the identification to use in other tag calls in the templates. The Feed Name should be short and include no spaces or special characters.

Feed References

The Feed Reference indicate what content from the RSS Feed to include in the template or article. Within the template or article, the reference should be included where you want the content to appear when the message is sent to your subscribers. The reference is defined in the following format:


Where [NAME] is the identification set in the Feed Definition, [ATTRIBUTE] is the part of the RSS Feed to display, and [ENTRY_NUMBER] is the number of the RSS post to display, where 1 is the most recent post.

The following shows the variations of the RSS Feed References and examples for each:  





Title of RSS feed.  Add ".striphtml" for Plain Text content.

%%rssobject myfeed.title%% %%rssobject myfeed.title.striphtml 2%%


Description of RSS feed.  Add ".striphtml" for Plain Text content.

%%rssobject myfeed.description%% %%rssobject myfeed.description.striphtml 2%%


Content of RSS feed.  Not supported in Plain Text content.

%%rssobject myfeed.content%%  


URL link in RSS feed.



Publishing date of RSS feed.

%%rssobject myfeed.pubdate%%


Image from or tag in the RSS feed.*

%%rssobject myfeed.mediaimage%%

*Image support added in v11.9.0

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