Links do not convert to tracked links


When I use RSS feed in my content, why aren't the links converted to tracked links?


Prior to v11.7.0 release, if you have a template calling in an RSS feed using either of the 'Foreach' methods to call multiple entries into your template, the links in the RSS feed will not be converted to tracked links.  The feed links called into a template using the RSS Foreach/Article method cannot be tracked due to the extreme performance issue it causes. If you would like to ensure the links within your RSS feeds are tracked, use the Simple RSS call. 

After the v11.7.0 release, RSS feed links generated using the 'Foreach' methods are converted to tracked links.  The only limitation is that the RSS Foreach will not convert links to tracked links if the content also contains an XML 'Foreach' loop.  In this case, the RSS feed will populate the content, but the links will not convert to tracked links.

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