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Can we use a Base URL for the Media Manager? We want it to reflect our brand instead of "".


If you want to brand the domain in the Media Manager on the SaaS with your own domain, you need to have your IT team set up a domain with a CNAME record to point to the WhatCounts Media Manager (     This is similar to the process you went through for creating a Bounce Host or Base URL, however, you will need to choose a different domain for this purpose.     For example: -->     Once the new CNAME is set up, please let us know so that our IT staff can configure things on our side.     NOTE:  The link at the top of the Media Manager page will not reflect your new Media Manager domain.  After configuration is complete, you can manually replace with your Media Manager domain wherever it is used.  For example: If you currently have an image called "picture.jpg" that is in the root level of the Media Manager for your realm, you would use:       <img src="[realm_name]/picture.jpg">  To access that image.  Replace '' with the Media Manager domain you have set up and [realm_name] with the name of your realm.

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