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If you are targeting contacts using a mobile device to view email, you may wish to format your content based on the mobile format for a device. For example, you may create a very short, simple text message to display a main point for text based devices, or you may use modified HTML with resized or fewer images to display in devices with a smaller display space.

For templates with a Mobile Format defined, include a link to the Mobile version in your Plain Text or HTML message. When a contact clicks the Mobile Display Message link within a received message, the Mobile Format version of the message is displayed in a new browser window, and a tracking event is recorded for later reporting.

To include a Display Message Mobile Link

  1. Go to CONTENT > VIEW TEMPLATES to display the Templates page.
  2. Click "Create new template", or select a template to edit and display the Create / Edit Templates page.
  3. If a new template, enter a Name and Subject.
  4. Enter your message content into the Plain Text and/or the HTML tabs.
  5. Click the MOBILE tab and enter the content to display when a contact clicks to Display Mobile Message. The Mobile tab supports both plain text and HTML content.
  6. Click ADD TAGS. The Dynamic Content Tags form will display within the page.
  7. From the Display Message listbox in Step 1, select either 'Display Mobile Message(HTML Version)' or 'Display Mobile Message(Plain Version)' depending on the format of the content you are adding to the template. The tag in Step 2 will change to reflect the selected option.
  8. Click HIGHLIGHT TAG in Step 2.
  9. Either right click on the highlighted text and select COPY from the menu, or press the CTRL+c keys on the keyboard to copy the link.
  10. In the template content, click to select the format tab into which you wish to include the link.
  11. Paste the link in the desired location. Either right click in the Body field and select PASTE from the menu, or press the CTRL+v keys on the keyboard.
  12. Click CREATE or SAVE to save the template.

When the Template is deployed, the Display Message Mobile tag or link will change to a full URL that will allow the contact to view your Mobile content in a browser. 

This feature does not work with the List Test feature because campaigns are only created when lists are run. To experiment with its use, create a new list and associate it with one of your existing templates. Then, use the batch subscribe feature to sign yourself up and then deploy to the new list.

Manually Adding Display Message Mobile Link

In versions prior to 8.0, you must manually create the Display Message Mobile link.  To manually create a link in your template to direct contacts to the HTML version of your content, enter the tag %%DISPLAY_MOBILE%% or manually type the full URL and format the link as follows:

http:// [siteURL]/mdm?id=%%SUBSCRIBER_ID_TAG%%

Where [siteURL] is the URL for your system. 

For example, you may add something like the following at the top of the HTML version of your template:

<a href="http:// [siteURL]/mdm?id=%%SUBSCRIBER_ID_TAG%%">View Mobile Message</a>

Or the following at the top of a your Plain Text content:

To view a Mobile version of this message, click here: http:// [siteURL]/mdm?id=%%SUBSCRIBER_ID_TAG%%

When the Template is deployed, the Display Message Mobile tag or link will change to a full URL that will allow the contact to view your HTML email in a browser, and the tag %%SUBSCRIBER_ID_TAG%% is automatically replaced with an encoded version of the contact ID and campaign ID - both of which are used to dynamically recreate the page.

Page Title

The Display Message Mobile page is displayed in a browser window. The browser title bar displays whatever title is defined in the HTML code within your Mobile content. If you notice that the Browser title bar shows an error or unwanted text, you can define a title to display within your template. To do this, include the title you would like to display within the following tag:


For example:

<title>Special Offer from our Partners</title>


Display Message Mobile tracking events are reported in several locations including the Campaign Details Overview, Report Wizard, Event Wizard and Scheduled Event Wizard, and the Campaign Statistics report in the Standard Report Library.  Each report contains some combination of the following data available for the Display Message Mobile tracking events:


Name Definition

Display Message Mobile Total

Total number of clicks on the Display Message Mobile link

Display Message Mobile Rate

The number of Total clicks divided by the Total Messages Delivered (Messages Sent - Hard Bounces) for this campaign

Display Message Mobile Unique

The number of unique contacts that clicked the Display Message Mobile link

Display Message Mobile Unique Rate

The number of Unique clicks divided by the Total Messages Delivered (Messages Sent - Hard Bounces) for this campaign


Security ramifications must be considered for a feature like this since a web page is created that could potentially reveal personal information about your contacts. However, these risks are low for the following reasons:

  • The ID tag created is encrypted and non-sequential, so it is difficult to create a program that sits in a loop and attempts to display content.
  • You control the amount of information displayed through the design of your template content.
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