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How do I hide the “View in a browser window” (Display Message) link so that it is not shown when the message is actually being viewed in a browser?


When a contact clicks a Display Message link, the message is displayed in a browser window exactly as it is displayed in the email message, including the original "Display Message" link.  To "hide" content in the displayed message, a special class must be added to the template.  This can be used for anything you want hidden in the Display Message version of your message. In your HTML content, use the CSS class "wcdm__"  ("wcdm" followed by two underscores.)

<div class="wcdm__"></div>

For example, to hide the Display Message link, define the link as follows in your HTML code: 

<div class="wcdm__"> <a href="%%DISPLAY_MSG%%">View in a browser window</a> </div>

When the Display Message link is clicked in any email that uses the "wcdm__" class, the "View in a browser window" link and anything else that uses that class will be hidden.  Everything else in the Template will display as in the email. Note: This class does not work in some older versions of Google Chrome.

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