Create Template

The Add Template page allows you to name a Template and define the content.  It also provides settings to enhance the formatting and manage the Template.

To Create a Template

  1. Go to CONTENT > TEMPLATES and click Add Template.  This will display the Create Template page.
  2. In the Create Template page, you can type or paste content.  To create the Template, fill out the fields:
    • Name:  Enter a descriptive name for the Template.  This is not seen by email recipients but is useful to differentiate between Templates.
    • Subject:  Enter the subject line of the email message that will appear when the email is delivered.  If you copy and paste a subject line, make sure there are no new line characters.
    • Plain-Text, HTML, Mobile:  Select the tab to enter content based on the format of your email.  You may include content for only one or multiple formats.  To send Multipart MIME messages, you must create both Plain-Text and HTML content.
    • Body: Enter the content that will appear in the email message.  Be sure to format the content based on the format selected above.
  3. Click ADVANCED OPTIONS to set any advanced Template options.  
  4. Click SEND TEST to send a test message to yourself or other team members before deploying your email to your contacts.
  5. Click CREATE to save your work.  Click CANCEL to return to the Templates list without saving the Template.  
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