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The platform detects the URLs included in your content in order to perform real-time click-through tracking.  After the Template is created and content is added, you can verify that any URLs in the content will be recognized when the campaign is sent. 

To review URLs in a Template

  1. Go to CONTENT > VIEW TEMPLATES to view the list of templates. 
  2. Click the Template to open the Edit Templates page.
  3. Click the VIEW URLS button.

This will display a list of the fully qualified URLs found in the Template.  

Each URL includes columns to indicate in what format the URL was found and if the URL will be excluded from tracking.  A check icon will appear in the Plain, HTML, or Mobile columns to indicate the formats.  An X icon will appear in the Exclude column if the URL will not be tracked because of a Tracking Exclusion setting.  Click a URL to view the page as well as change the Exclusion status.

As you review your URLs, pay attention to any special characters that may appear in the URL.  These special characters may need to be encoded in order to work properly. 

If you make changes to a template, you must first save your template by clicking UPDATE for the review to reflect these changes.  

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