Creative Details - Prior to v11

The Creative Library includes a number of tools. To access the Creative Library tools:

  2. Click the DETAILS link below the creative.

The preview image will move aside to display a menu of tool options.  

  • Create template from: Create a copy of the layout or create an editable, deployable Template from the layout.  
  • Edit: Edit the Layout.
  • Delete: Delete the layout and all historical information. This does not delete any Templates related to the Layout.
  • See Report: Display historical information about the layout.
    • Creative: Image preview of the layout
    • Creative Name: Name of the layout
    • Templates from this Creative: Name of each Template that was created based on the layout. Click the name to open the Template in the Template Editor.
    • Creative used in Campaign: List of campaigns deployed using Templates created from the layout.  Click the Campaign ID to open the Campaign Details report.
  • Quick Stats:
    • Cloned: Number of Templates created from the layout
    • Used: Number of times Templates created from the layout have been deployed in campaigns
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