Template locks up (TinyMCE)


Why does the template lock up when selectng the WYSIWYG option to edit?


This is a known issue with the Internet Explorer browser and how it manages the data entered into the form when using TinyMCE.  When you save a WYSIWYG template in IE, it may insert additional </><//> tags.  There is no way to fix this issue, as it is specifically how the Browser works.  Workaround is to create a new template and remove the extra tags and use FireFox with the WYSIWYG editor.   To fix the template:

  1. Copy the existing template to a new template. 
  2. Open the new template in code view. 
  3. Look for lines that include </><//>.
  4. Delete the tags and click SAVE.

You can delete the original template, or copy and paste the edited content into the original template. This issue does not exist with the CKEditor added in v8.2.

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