Articles are used to include smaller portions of content within a main Template.

Articles extend the capability of templates by providing a template-neutral place in which to create and edit content.  Articles allow you to maintain a single copy of information that can be reused in multiple templates.  Though this information could be included in each template, any changes would require editing several templates.  Using an Article in the template requires editing only a single Article.  Articles are an easy way to include material in your outbound message without the need to alter your templates. Possible uses include:

  • Headers and footers
  • Company contact information and Unsubscribe link
  • Privacy agreement
  • Articles within a newsletter
  • Content that must be changed easily without altering templates and/or HTML

Articles include several elements that can each be added to a Template.  Like Templates, Articles can include personalization elements. Articles can also include references to other articles, though it may become confusing to do so.

The content from Articles is inserted into a template when a Template is previewed or when you test or deploy a campaign. While custom fields are useful for small amounts of information (names, phrases, etc.), Articles are useful for inserting larger blocks of content.

Accessing Articles

Articles are accessed from the Content menu.  To access the Articles, go to CONTENT > VIEW ARTICLES.  This will open the Articles page.

The Articles page displays a list of existing Articles.  From this page you can create a new Article and preview or edit existing Articles. 

The Articles page lists the following details for each Article:


Click the name of the Article to access the Article’s settings and content.


A short description of the Article.


A Title for the Article.

Last Edited

The date the article was last updated.


Click the magnifying glass icon to preview the Article.


Options to Copy or Delete the Article.

Filtering View

You may sort the data in any of the columns by clicking the column header.  

To quickly find an Article in the page, use the Filter. Search the list by Name, Description, or Title. As you type a string, the page contents will automatically change to display only the items that match the characters in the Filter field.

If you have assigned your Articles to Folders, you can view only those articles by selecting the folder from the Folder listbox. 

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