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The Add Article page allows you to name an Article and define the content.  It also provides some advanced content options in Advanced mode.  By default, an Article is created in Normal mode.

To Create an Article:

  1. Go to CONTENT > VIEW ARTICLES and click Add Article.  This will display the Add Article page.
  2. In the Add Article page, you can type or paste content.  To create the Article, fill out the form fields.
    • Article Name:  Enter a descriptive name for the Article.  This will not be seen by email recipients but will be useful to differentiate between Articles.
    • Title:  Enter the title that will appear when inserted into content or when the full Article is displayed in the Microsite Viewer.
    • Description:  Enter a description for the Article that will display on the Articles list page.
    • Body: Enter the main content of the Article.
  3. If you want to enter content into the Advanced fields, click ADVANCED MODE.  
  4. Click CREATE to save your work.  Click CANCEL to return to the Articles list without saving the Article.
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