Polls allow you to capture both contact and non-contact responses in a single, simple question form.


Polls can be distributed via email or hosted on your web site and collect and display results in real-time. 

Polls operate in two modes: registered or anonymous.  Anyone can respond to an anonymous Poll.  Ballot stuffing is possible, and there is no way to know who is participating in the poll.

Registered polls can only be accessed by contacts.  Ballot stuffing is prevented because only the first entry is counted for each participant.  You can also generate a report of the contacts that participate in your poll.

Accessing Polls

Polls are accessed from the Content menu.  To access the Polls, go to CONTENT > VIEW POLLS.  This will open the Polls page, which displays a list of the existing Polls.  From this page you can create a new Poll as well as to preview or edit existing Polls. 

The Polls page lists the following details for each Poll:


Poll Name

Click the name of the Poll to access the Poll’s settings and content.

Question (description)

The question respondents are asked to answer.

# Choices

The number of options in the Poll.


If the Poll is active, a check icon will appear in this column.  An inactive Poll is not publicly accessible, but is still available for reporting and editing.


Click the chart icon to view the statistics collected for the Poll.


Click the gear icon to preview and test the Poll.


Click the icon to generate the Poll code to insert into email or web content.

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