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The Subscribe Link allows you to share a link in your email content to let your Subscribers subscribe to a different List with a single click.

To Create a Subscribe Link

  • Go to Subscribers > Subscription Form Wizard
  • Select a List.
  • From Generate drop-down select 'Subscribe Link'.
  • Select the Default Format, which will determine the prefered email format: Multipart MIME, HTML, Plain Text.
  • Enter a 'Goto URL' - where Subscribers will be directed after clicking the link.  If no landing page is defined, the form will use the Landing Page defined in your List properties.  If no Landing Page is defined there, the Subscriber will see a default platform "Thank you" page.
  • Enter an Error Landing Page. If no landing page is defined, the form will use the Landing Page defined in your List properties.  If no Landing Page is defined there, the subscriber will see a default platform error page.
  • Click NEXT.
  • Select the link code and paste into a text editor to customize it if necessary.
  • Test the link, then place the link code into your message content.


Place the following text in any of your templates to allow users a convenient means to subscribe to a list. The tag %%$email%% will automatically be replaced with the subscriber email address when your list is run. With your mouse, select the HTML in the box below and copy it to your clipboard (Ctrl-C). Then, paste (Ctrl-V) it into the HTML code where you want the link to appear.

%%set email = {{urlencode $email}}%% Click to <a href="$email%%&f=mime&g=&err=">Subscribe %%$email%%</a> to this list

Once you have pasted the HTML into your template or code you may change its appearance to suit your content style. However, it is important that you keep the field names and values as generated above for the link to work properly.

Testing the Link

Once you have created a link, test it to ensure it is functioning as expected.  To test your subscription link:

  • Copy the HTTP link portion from the link code.  For example:$email%%&f=mime&g=http://
  • Replace the %%$email%% tag with your test email address.
  • Paste the customized URL into your browser and press ENTER.  Verify the expected landing page is displayed.
  • If you have Subscription Confirmation required in your List properties, you will receive an email with a link to confirm your subscription.  Click the link to subscribe.
  • Login to your realm.
  • Enter the Email address submitted above, then click SEARCH.
  • Click the subscriber record to view the details.
  • Validate the Subscriber and verify the subscription was created in the Subscription tab set to the expected format.
  • You can also test the link by adding the link code to your message content and then sending a copy of the message to yourself and clicking the link. The %%$email%% tag will automatically fill with the data from your subscriber record.
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