Create Set Data Macro

The Add Set Data Macro page allows you to define a macro to use to save values to Custom Fields when a campaign is deployed.

To Create a Set Data Macro

  1. Go to Contacts > View Custom Fields and then Add one or more Custom Fields.  A Custom Field must exist in order to set a value.
  2. Go to Contacts > View Set Data Macros.
  3. Click Add Set Data Macro.
  4. Set the fields:
    1. Name: Enter a descriptive name for the macro.
    2. Description: Enter a description for the macro to display on the Set Data Macros page.
  5. Define up to three Actions:
    1. Field Name: Select a field in which to save the new value.
    2. Action Operator: Select an operator. The operator must be supported by the type of field selected. See Data Macro Operators for details.
    3. Value: Enter a value to save.  The value must be supported by the type of field selected. 
  6. Click SAVE to create the new macro. Click CANCEL to return to the Set Data Macro list without saving the new definition.

When you create the macro, it will appear in the Set Data Macro page.

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