Create Unsubscribe Site

The Preference Sites allow you to create a link to allow a Contact to opt-out from one or more lists as well as submit demographic details.

To Create an Unsubscribe Site:

Creating an unsubscribe site requires you to first define the site type and then create one or more site pages.

To Define the Site Type

  2. Click the Add New Site link.
  3. From the Type listbox, select Unsubscribe.
  4. Enter a unique Name and optional Description.
  5. To redirect a contact to an external site after subscribing, set an optional Landing page.
  6. Click Create Page 1 to begin creating your site pages.

To Create a Site Page

When you click to create the first page of a Site, the Preference Site Page Editor will display.  Immediately you will be prompted for a Page Title and Stylesheet. 
  1. Enter a page Title, then click OK.  Use a title that is meaningful to your company or product, such as: Welcome to our Newsletter.
  2. Enter a URL to your preferred Stylesheet, then click OK.  This may be the same stylesheet you use for your company website, or a stylesheet specific to your Preference Sites.
  3. The default page code will be generated and appear within the edit pane.  To customize the page, place your cursor between the commented area.  Enter all page elements in between these markers.

        <!-- BEGIN EDITING HERE -->                  <!-- END EDITING HERE -->

  1. When you are done editing the page, click SAVE. You will be asked if you wish to add another page to the series.
  2. Click YES to create another page in the Site.  You will be taken to the Preference Site Page Editor for the next page. Click NO to complete your Site and go to the Edit Preference Site page. This page allows you to manage Site features and access all pages.
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