Deploy Campaign wizard steps you though the process of publishing an email to your list of contacts.

The Deploy Campaign Wizard offers many options for sending a campaign to your contacts.  Once you have your List and Template defined and contacts added, you can immediately launch an email message by stepping through the wizard. 

Some options in the wizard include sending a normal campaign or an A/B Test, or even posting directly to a Social Network only.   Additionally, you can define advanced options to Suppress contacts, Seed the campaign with a list of extra contacts, and Throttle the campaign to limit the number of messages sent per hour. 

Accessing the Deploy Campaign Wizard

To access the Deploy Campaign Wizard, go to TASKS > DEPLOY CAMPAIGN. This will open the Deploy Campaign page, a wizard that will guide you through making several selections to send a campaign to your contacts. 

Normal Campaign

A Normal campaign is the basic method to send an email to your list of contacts.   Before you can define your campaign you must have the following:

If you also choose to use a Segmentation Rule and/or Suppression List, the final number of contacts must be greater than zero in order to deploy the campaign.

Social Only Campaign

Not only can your contacts share your message to their Social Networks, you can also Post a campaign directly to your Social Networks, such as your company's Facebook page. 

The Deploy to Social Networks feature allows you to create a template with special content for Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn and then send a campaign posting your content directly to your company's social sites.  When your followers click the posted link, they will see the content defined in the HTML portion of your template, allowing you to reach non-contacts with the same content your contacts receive or special content for social only followers.

A/B Test Campaigns

A/B Testing allows you to segment a list into two to ten samples and then send different versions of a message to groups of contacts.  Once the test is complete, you can determine the best version to send to any remaining contacts.

Before you deploy an A/B Test, you must create an A/B Test Definition.  Unlike deploying a normal campaign, you do not need to select the List, Template, Segmentation Rule, or Suppression List at deployment time because these are already defined in the A/B Test Definition.

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