A/B Tests allow you to segment a list and send different versions of a message to groups of contacts, and then determine the best version to send to any remaining contacts.

A List can be segmented using several different methods to target Contacts when you send a Campaign.  However, to target a campaign and use the most effective Subject, From Address, and/or Content, you can use A/B Sampling.

This feature allows you to define up to ten different Samples of content, send this content to small groups of contacts, and then decide which Sample performed the best and send that content to the Remainder of contacts.  Before you can define samples you must have the following:

  • List with at least three to eleven contacts, depending on the number of samples you wish to define. The number of contacts must be a least one greater than the number of defined samples. 

The List must be of Normal type.  You cannot define samples for Seed Lists, Super Lists, or Lists that have Sticky Campaigns enabled.

  • Template with Plain Text and/or HTML content
  • Optional Segmentation Rule
  • Optional Suppression List

If you also choose to use a Segmentation Rule and/or Suppression List, the final number of contacts must still be one greater than the number of samples you have defined, otherwise the test will fail.

Accessing A/B Test Definitions

A/B Test Definitions are accessed from the Tasks menu.  To access the Definitions, go to TASKS > VIEW A/B TEST DEFINITIONS.  This will open the A/B Test Definitions page. The A/B Test Definitions page displays a list of all existing Definitions, allowing you to create a new A/B Test Definition or edit existing Definitions.  You may sort the data in any of the columns by clicking the column header.  The details displayed for each Definition include:



The numeric identifier of the Template

Definition Name

Name of the A/B Test Definition.

List Name

The Name of the List to split into test samples.


The type of content to test: Subject Line, Template and/or From Address.

# Samples

The number of samples defined for the test, from 2 to 10.

Last Edited

The date the Definition was last updated.


Click COPY to make an exact copy of the Definition with a new name.  Click DELETE to delete the Definition.

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