A/B Test Sample Details



View the details and statistics of each Sample in the A/B Test Details page.

To View Test Sample Details

To view the details of an A/B Test that is still running or waiting to be completed, go to TASKS > VIEW A/B TASKS and then double click the test in the list.  You can also go to REPORTS > VIEW CAMPAIGNS and double click the Sample campaign in the list.  The A/B Test Details page will display.  The page includes several sections of data and charts including:

  • A/B Test Definition Overview
  • Event Chart and Sample Legend
  • Sample Campaign Comparison Table
  • Sample Campaign Tabs
  • Sample Campaign Details

A/B Test Definition Overview

At the top of the Test Details page, the settings from the A/B Test Definition are displayed including:

  • A/B Test Name: A/B Test Definition Name
  • Started: Date and Time campaigns were deployed
  • Testing: A/B Test Definition Name
  • Measuring (Threshold): Event Type and Rate Threshold
  • List, Segment: List Name and Segment Name
  • Split: Number of samples and percent or number of contacts per sample
  • On Test Completion: How winner is chosen when complete
  • Length: Number of hours to run the test
  • Status: Progress of the test

Event Chart and Sample Legend

The Event Chart and Sample Legend the from the A/B Tests is displayed, showing the same information as on the A/B Tests in Progress page.

Sample Campaign Comparison Table

The comparison table includes columns for each Sample showing totals and rates for contact events for each campaign, such as Delivered Rate, Open Rate, and number of Bounces of each type.  If a winner has been selected, then the final row indicates which Sample is the winner.

Sample Campaign Tabs

When viewing the A/B Test Details page from the View A/B Tasks page, the Campaign Details section includes tabs for each Sample.  The Samples are identified by the Sample Campaign ID just below the Sample Campaign Comparison Table.  The Sample A tab is selected by default. To view the Campaign Details of a different Sample, click the tab with the corresponding Campaign ID.

Sample Campaign Details

The Campaign Details section of the page shows an expanded view of the events and details of the selected Sample campaign.  This view is the same as that of any basic Campaign selected from the View Campaigns page.

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